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New affiliates-in-formation from the former Yugoslavia

September 27, 2010

by Prof. Ulrich Gottstein, Co-founder and honorary board members of IPPNW-Germany

Prof. Gottstein with founders from affiliates-in-formation

Left to right: Prof. Ulrich Gottstein, Germany, Dr. Dragan Veljkovic, Serbia, Dr. Emilija Jovanovska-Trajkovska, Macedonia, Dr. Ilirjana Bajraktari, Kosovo and Prof. Mazlu Belegu, Kosovo.

One of the smaller highlights of the IPPNW World Congress in Basel, Switzerland was the participation of “founders in progress” of new affiliates from former Yugoslavia.  They were very impressed and felt enormously stimulated to start and to continue peace work in their countries which had been enemies for such a long time.

Note from the editor: the affiliates-in-formation from Macedonia and Kosovo are going through the affiliation process which will be voted on at the next Board of Directors meeting and then ratified by the IC at the 2010 Congress.  It has been wonderful to witness the warm welcome and ongoing support, guidance and encouragement from the leaders of other established affiliates such as IPPNW Germany.

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