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Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence June 15-21

June 3, 2009

It is less than 2 weeks until the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence 15-21 June 2009. Please consider helping to launch IPPNW’s new “Medical Voices Against Violence:Your Story” project during this week.

Send us your stories in advance, or collect stories at your medical schools or hospitals during the Week of Action. It’s easy to record a short story – just use your digital camera and record a 1-3 minute story about an incident of gun violence you experienced, or happened in your community or to someone you know like a family member, friend, or patient– introduce yourself at the beginning with your first name only, what you do (medical student, doctor et.) and your country – then tell your short story and how if affected you as a health professional. If you can’t record a story, write one and send us a photo of you and we will print them together. Contact me for how to transmit big video files. Let’s make this a worldwide IPPNW event!

Other ideas for activities:

  • Hold a “teach-in” or hospital “grand rounds” on small arms violence and health, using the IPPNW Aiming for Prevention PowerPoint, and/or One Bullet Stories that are on IPPNW’s web site. ( Contact me for a copy of the PPT). Or, use modules from the WHO TEACH-VIP curriculum.
  • Write an op-ed or letters to the editor to local newspapers about the human suffering from gun violence in your country
  • Organize as many doctors, nurses and other medical professionals as possible to have a public event/press conference to provide “testimony” about victims of violence they have treated in their hospitals, and call for more violence prevention initiatives in the community.
  • Call your local radio station or newspaper reporter and ask them to conduct an interview with you about health effects of violence – if you need materials, contact us.
  • Investigate if your medical school has any financial investments in gun manufacturers. If so, hold a press conference to call for divestment.
  • Faces/stories of violence exhibit – Collect photos/stories from newspapers of shootings/other violence over the past year in your area, paste on posters, and organize an educational exhibit at your school, library or other venue – call the press to come publicize.
  1. ken permalink
    June 5, 2009 1:21 pm

    Aiming for Prevention. During this coming week, we will be meeting to do our bit for the prevention of violence. It involves training, both mental and physical, in honing skills and equipment inspection and preparation. We will be taking out our Homeland Security Tools, and giving them a workout in preparation for days of violence and unrest that we hope will never come to our homes.

    Our tools are varied, ranging from mid-1800’s to very modern, but mostly of 1920’s to 1970’s range of technical vintage. Many are US made, but German, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, and even a few from eastern europe.

    We are Riflemen. We practice real Arms Control, and most are good to go to 300 yards, some a couple multiples of that. Most of us have military experience, a couple from WW2, korea, most from Vietnam and more recent. It is our combined experience that has taught us that for there to be peace, some must be ready for the worst alternatives imaginable.

    Please ponder the fact that the majority of military experienced veterans quietly practice without video, news stories, or political ambitions. We don’t
    recruit, write letters, or march in demonstrations. We live freedom, and quietly practice Arms Control.


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