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Medical Voices Against Violence – Submit Your Story

May 29, 2009

Have you had a personal experience with violence? Did it influence you to get involved with IPPNW or an affiliate or in other work for peace?

If so, please participate in IPPNW’s new Medical Voices Against Violence: Your Story project.

The objective of this new initiative is to highlight the human face of violence, especially armed violence, by collecting personal stories from IPPNW members around the world. We intend to use these stories to educate others via our Aiming for Prevention campaign, a health approach to armed violence prevention. Stories will be posted on the internet, included on CDs, and distributed at educational sessions on violence prevention.

We will launch this project worldwide through IPPNW affiliates during the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence 15-21 June, 2009.

How You Can Participate:

We are seeking people to share their testimonies via video, audio, or photos and text about experiences with violence – direct or indirect. You may share something that happened to you, your family, community, country, school, work and/or neighborhood. Give us a brief description of what happened, and a brief explanation of what you felt. Also, if relevant, include how this experience made you take action or how it connected you to IPPNW and affiliates and its work for peace through health. Please do not use names of people other than your own, and please only provide your first name.

Submission formats:

o Video: 30 sec – 3 min – In Windows media or other computer-readable format

o Voice/audio recording: (include photo of yourself in JPEG format).
30 sec – 3 min

o Written: 1-2 paragraphs (include photo of yourself in JPEG format)

Please Include:
• Your first name (first name only please),
• Profession
• Nationality
• Place and general timeframe of experience, and a brief description of the experience in your own words.

To submit your story, contact Maria Valenti and we will provide transmission instructions for large video files. IPPNW will review your story and contact you with any questions. We will require a consent form for distribution.

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