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Kenyan medical students remember Garissa massacre

April 5, 2017

By Kelvin Kibet, Kenyan Medical Students for Social Responsibility

Medical Peace Work graduates from Kenyatta University (KU) together with the KU Christian Union commemorated the anniversary of the horrific attack in 2015 by heavily armed terrorists on Garissa University College in northeastern Kenya where 147 were killed and another 79 injured. Most of those murdered were students. The memories of that day live on after two years.

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Ban treaty here we come

April 3, 2017

by Tilman Ruff

March 31

Tilman Ruff prepares to address the ban treaty conference on March 28

The first negotiating session of the historic conference to negotiate a treaty to ban and provide for the elimination of nuclear weapons has just finished. In content, process and significance, it was extraordinary. The number of states participating was 132—even more than the 123 that voted for the UN resolution mandating these negotiations. Read more…

Clearing the path to the ban

March 31, 2017

Day 4 of ban treaty negotiations

Something extraordinary happened yesterday. What started as an informal discussion of the proposals and divergent viewpoints that had emerged earlier in the week turned into a collective working session among the State and civil society participants in coming to terms with those differences. It was one of the most productive, energized, and energizing exchanges most of us have ever experienced inside a UN conference room. Read more…

Family values update

March 30, 2017

Moms for Nukes to close up shop after protests from children?

I got an e-mail from one of our Australian doctors who said he was “horrified” by US ambassador Nikki Haley’s comments (exact phrase redacted) Monday.

“I told my seven-year-old son that the US wanted to keep nuclear weapons ‘for their children.’ He asked me whether anyone had asked the children whether they wanted them, because he doesn’t! Out of the mouths of babes…..”

Digging into the negotiating details

March 30, 2017

Thea Katrin Mjelstad presents ICAN’s views on core ban treaty prohibitions.

Ban treaty negotiations day 3:

Ray Acheson summed up the principal goal of the ban treaty yesterday in WILPF’s statement to the ban treaty negotiators: “In order to be effective as a prohibition treaty that leads to the elimination of nuclear weapons, the core prohibitions of the treaty should be as clear and comprehensive as possible.” Read more…

The ban treaty is transformative

March 29, 2017

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Statement to the UN conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading to their elimination, Topic 2

Delivered by Ray Acheson, Director of Reaching Critical Will
29 March 2017

Ray Acheson urges the conference to produce the strongest possible prohibition

Thank you Madame President,

Thank you for this opportunity to address this conference. WILPF has prepared a paper on principles, prohibitions, and positive obligations of a treaty banning nuclear weapons. After listening closely to interventions from delegations this morning, I would like to comment on a few of the prohibitions and positive obligations. Read more…

We must fill the legal gap completely

March 29, 2017

[ICAN delivered the following statement on core prohibitions that should be included in the ban treaty during the civil society session of the negotiation conference on March 29.]

Thea Katrin Mjelstad presents ICAN’s views on core ban treaty prohibitions.

Madam President:

I speak on behalf of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, ICAN, and its partner organization Norwegian People’s Aid Solidarity Youth.

The community of nations must fully seize this historic opportunity to establish an unambiguous, comprehensive global prohibition on the very worst weapons of mass destruction. Read more…

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