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Youth-led nuclear disarmament

September 7, 2018

By guest authors Kelvin Kibet, IPPNW International Student Representative (Kenya) & Nikki Shah, medical student member of Physicians for Global Survival (IPPNW’s  Canadian affiliate)

“In the quest for total nuclear disarmament, we must take every opportunity to speak against nuclear weapons to every human. By doing this we shall solidify the hard truth that nuclear weapons should never have been made or used.”

I kept this at the back of my mind when I thought of conducting an educational session on the dangers of nuclear weapons at the International Federation of Medical Students Association’s (IFMSA) 62nd General Assembly in Canada this past August. Only a few months earlier IFMSA had accepted our proposal to conduct a session at their Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace at the Assembly. Read more…

Space: The next battlefield?

September 4, 2018

by Alice Slater

Last week, US Vice-President Mike Pence announced the Trump administration’s plan for a new military command, the US Space Force, emphasizing President Donald Trumps’s urging that “It is not enough to merely have an American presence in space: we must have American dominance in space.” Pence’s announcement was greeted by Trump, tweeting in response, “Space Force all the way!”

Pence’s rationale for this disturbing expansion of US militarization to the heavens is that “our adversaries”, Russia and China, “have been working to bring new weapons of war into space itself” that pose a threat to American satellites.  But despite a virtual blackout in the mainstream media, Russia and China have been arguing for years in the halls of the United Nations that the world needs a treaty to prevent stationing such weapons in outer space in order to maintain global “strategic stability” among the major powers and enable nuclear disarmament. Read more…

Global arms trade unleashed under Trump

August 16, 2018

Lockheed Martin F-35 is a big-ticket item

William D. Hartung, the director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, has written an important and disturbing article about the global export of weapons—both military and civilian—from the United States under the Trump administration. The large-scale expansion of the arms trade, Hartung explains, is being enthusiastically promoted by the weapons manufacturers, the gun lobby, the Pentagon’s “arms sales division,” and Trump himself.

“American weapons makers have dominated the global arms trade for decades. In any given year, they’ve accounted for somewhere between one-third and more than one-half the value of all international weapons sales. It’s hard to imagine things getting much worse — or better, if you happen to be an arms trader — but they could, and soon, if a new Trump rule on firearms exports goes through.

“…Until recently, the Trump administration had focused its arms sales policies on the promotion of big-ticket items like fighter planes, tanks, and missile defense systems around the world. Trump himself has loudly touted US weapons systems just about every time he’s had the chance, whether amid insults to allies at the recent NATO summit or at a chummy White House meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whose brutal war in Yemen is fueled by US-supplied arms.

“A recent presidential export policy directive, in fact, specifically instructsAmerican diplomats to put special effort into promoting arms sales, effectively turning them into agents for the country’s largest weapons makers.”

The full article is at tom

A journalist came to Helsinki to ask about nuclear weapons

July 23, 2018

Husseini: “This is a free press in Finland?”

Sam Husseini, a journalist with The Nation, was forcibly ejected from the press conference held at the conclusion of the US-Russia summit in Helsinki. A piece of paper that he held on which the words “nuclear weapon ban treaty” were written, seen briefly on video as he was being dragged from the room by Finnish security, provided a pretty big clue as to why he was unwelcome. Read more…

Humanity is connected by common threats and shared benefits

July 17, 2018

by Ilkka Taipale

Honorable Russian President Vladimir Putin

Honorable US President Donald Trump

First of all, let me congratulate you on your great achievement – which neither you nor anybody else has noticed. You have awakened humanity from years of deep hibernation. And let’s not forget the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. Together you have reminded the peoples of the world about the existence of nuclear weapons. The greatest threat today is not global warming but nuclear weapons and the danger of nuclear war. Read more…

The sea of death

July 13, 2018

US nuclear testing in the Pacific spread radioactive contamination far and wide.

The US conducted 105 atmospheric and underwater tests at its Pacific Ocean proving ground from 1946-1962. Massive amounts of radioactive fallout from those tests spread across the Pacific, causing severe health effects that have continued to this day.

One of the best-known incidents from this reckless and shameful history was the fate of the Japanese fishing boat the Lucky Dragon. Read more…

Watch out world: peace may be breaking out!!

July 12, 2018

Guest Opinion

by Alice Slater

Less than a week or so before Donald Trump’s groundbreaking meeting planned with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, to take place after the NATO summit in mid-July, the new Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons celebrated its first birthday on July 7 when 122 nations voted a year ago in the UN General Assembly to ban the bomb, just as we have banned biological and chemical weapons.  The new ban treaty shattered the establishment consensus that the proper way to avoid nuclear catastrophe was to follow the endless step by step path of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, now 50 years old this month, which has only led to nuclear weapons forever.   Read more…

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