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Nuclear weapons must be rejected

July 10, 2019

As the Australian government appears at risk of involving us in yet another US war of aggression, a leading strategic thinker has dropped a bombshell.  Professor Hugh White, emeritus professor of strategic studies at Australian National University, has suggested that Australia might need to consider acquiring nuclear weapons.  He writes in his new book “How to Defend Australia” that, because US influence in our region is waning and Chinese influence is rising, “there are circumstances in which the development of nuclear forces could be justified.”

Professor White claims that in the future we might not be able to rely on US “extended nuclear deterrence” to protect us from adversaries.  However his comments carry the potential to severely damage the ever-fragile progress that has been made towards nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, for several reasons. Read more…

A race against time

July 3, 2019

Beyond Nuclear International

Tilman Ruff’s life mission is to help rid the world of nuclear weapons

By Robert Fedele

In 2007, Associate Professor Tilman Ruff and a small group of antinuclear activists founded the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) in Melbourne. In 2017, the global nongovernmental organisation captured the first Nobel Peace Prize born in Australia after years drawing attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and driving a historic UN prohibition treaty. In June 2019, Ruff, and fellow ICAN co-founder, Dimity Hawkins, were awarded Order of Australia Honours for their advocacy on nuclear disarmament.

Tilman Ruff’s life’s mission to help end nuclear weapons traces back to growing up in Melbourne in the 1980s living with the genuine fear that nuclear war could strike at any moment.

His family background passed on a profound awareness of the impacts of war.

“My family were German Christians living in communities in…

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Executed for being an anti-nuclear activist

June 28, 2019

By Maria Arvaniti Sotiropoulou and Panos Trigazis

A surviving portrait of Nikos Nikiforidis (Photo: WikiCommons)

Under present conditions, it seems inconceivable that a 22-year-old fighter for the anti-nuclear movement was arrested, sentenced to death by court martial and executed in Thessaloniki, on a charge of collecting signatures under the Stockholm Appeal for the abolition and prohibition of all nuclear weapons. But Nikos Nikiforidis was the first person (and perhaps also the only one) in the world to suffer such a fate. Read more…

Thinking in terms of the lifetime of humanity

June 24, 2019

A new article in an American Heart Association journal draws a compelling analogy between preventing sudden cardiac death and preventing nuclear war. That the three authors are long-time members of IPPNW should come as no surprise. In “Cardiac Events and Nuclear War: Prevention by Cardiovascular Specialists,” in the June 4 issue of Circulation, James Muller, John Pastore, and Amir Lerman relate the risks of heart attack to the risks of nuclear catastrophe. Read more…

How about a peace race instead of an arms race?

May 28, 2019

In late April, the highly respected Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reported that, in 2018, world military expenditures rose to a record $1.82 trillion.  The biggest military spender by far was the United States, which increased its military budget by nearly 5 percent to $649 billion (36 percent of the global total). But most other nations also joined the race for bigger and better ways to destroy one another through war. Read more…

The Truth-Teller: From the Pentagon Papers to the Doomsday Machine

April 28, 2019

[Interview with Daniel Ellsberg, originally published by the Great Transition Initiative; republished with permission.]

The growth of the military-industrial complex poses an existential threat to humanity. Daniel Ellsberg, peace activist and Vietnam War whistleblower discusses with Tellus Senior Fellow Allen White the continuing existential threat posed by the military-industrial complex—and what needs to be done about it. Read more…

Nepal assures South Asian doctors TPNW will be ratified soon

April 4, 2019

Doctors from IPPNW’s South Asian affiliates met with government leaders in Kathmandu on March 31. From left, Akmal Sultan, Talat Sultan, Surinder Singh Soodan, Tipu Sultan, Kamrul Hasan Khan, Arun Mitra, Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali, Sharad Onta, Bansidhar Mishra, Satyajit Kumar Singh, Mahesh Maskey, Ganesh Gurung, Arun Dixit.

IPPNW’s South Asia affiliates have urged government officials in Kathmandu, Nepal, to take additional steps towards nuclear disarmament, reduction of small arms, and resolution of issues through dialogue. The IPPNW delegation met on March 31 with Foreign Minister Shri Pradeep Gyawali, Speaker of Parliament Shri Krishna Bahadur Mahara, and Advisor to the Prime Minister Shri Rajan Bhattarai. Read more…

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