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Online Youth Assembly for peace, environment, and justice

May 7, 2020
On May 2nd, IPPNW, Peace Action New York State, SGI, PEAC Institute, the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Beyond the Bomb, and many others hosted an online Youth Assembly. Originally scheduled to take place in-person before the NPT Review Conference, this event set out to bring youth from around the world together to discuss the biggest threats to our future and what we can do to advocate for a more safe and just world for all.

The Assembly was a great success, bringing together more than 300 people to discuss nuclear disarmament, the climate crisis, and racial and economic justice. The first panelists, IPPNW’s Franca Brüggen and Kelvin Kibet, begin about 6 minutes into the recorded video of the session.
As a follow-up to the Youth Assembly, the planning committee has scheduled Regional Breakout Sessions for Saturday, May 16th at 9am EDT, 1:00pm GMT, 10:00pm JST. The breakout sessions will develop concrete plans to work toward our unified movement in advocating for a world free from nuclear weapons, the climate crisis, and racial and economic inequality.
For more information, contact Molly McGinty, IPPNW’s youth coordinator.
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