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Stupid or Safe? ICAN launches new petition for nuclear weapons ban

May 16, 2013

StupidOrSafeICAN—the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons—has started a global petition drive ridiculing the “stupid” decision by the world’s nuclear-weapon states to endanger our survival and calling for the commencement of negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons. Noting that there are still 19,000 nuclear weapons in the world, with some 2,000 on high alert and ready to be launched, the petition warns that “we are potentially only minutes away from the horror of seeing an entire city flattened in an instant, killing hundreds of thousands of people with no adequate humanitarian relief possible.”

“We all do stupid things,” ICAN stated in launching the petition. “Some stupid things are far more concerning than others.” Including playing with nuclear fire.

You can read and sign the petition on the ICAN website.

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