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Cameron: The North Koreans are coming!

April 7, 2013
Cameron: The North Koreans are coming!The British Prime minister is (again making a first class fool of himself: He claims that the North Korean threat of a war against South Korea – and the USA- makes it necessary for UK to build the next generation of Trident nuclear submarines and missiles. He believes the missiles from Pyongyang may reach London and must be deterred by Royal British nukes.
Not even the Tories go that far. Actually, the former Tory Defense Secretary, Michael Portillo, ridicules Cameron.

My father, who was a Lutheran parson sometimes used the term from Martin Luther. The excuse of the unrepentant: If you have decided to continue your wicked ways any excuse, however feeble, will do.

Challenge to Cameron’s talk of North Korean nuclear threat | The Times
David Cameron has been challenged by a former Tory Defence Secretary Michael Portillo over his “absurd” claim that North Korea directly threatens the UK
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