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IPPNW Doctors Speak Out from NY to Vienna on Health and Arms Control

June 7, 2011

IPPNW Aiming for Prevention leaders brought their expertise on health effects of armed violence to a recent series of strategic meetings on arms control held in cities from New York to Geneva. On May 12th Dr. Nidia Rodriguez of Ecuador spoke at the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms Meeting of Government Experts (see “Survivors of Gun Violence” post from May 12th) A few days later on May 17th Dr. Donald Mellman participated in a strategy session on “The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT): Crossing the Finish Line,” organized by the Arms Control Association and held at the Stimson Center in Washington, DC. It was attended by a wide range of groups including many from the faith community.

Across the Atlantic, Dr. Michael Schober of IPPNW Austria addressed the UN NGO Committee for Peace in Vienna, on the topic “The role of NGOs in the process of negotiating an effective Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).” He shared the dais with Mag. Christian Brunmayr, Head of Arms Exports Control, Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Klaus Renolder also of IPPNW-Austria. At the same time in neighboring Geneva, IPPNW co-president Dr. Bob Mtonga participated in a key meeting organized by Saferworld and attended by dozens of government officials in preparation for the July 3rd PrepCom for the ATT to which IPPNW plans to send a delegation and actively participate and speak.

Read Dr. Schober’s presentation (PPT/flyer)

Read more about the Arms Trade Treaty here.

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