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IPPNW to press for Nuclear Weapons Convention at NPT Review Conference

March 30, 2010

When the five-year review of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) convenes in New York on May 3, 70 IPPNW doctors, medical students, and activists from 20 countries will join hundreds of other civil society representatives to demand fulfillment of the Treaty’s disarmament obligation some 40 years since its entry into force. In the months leading up to the Review Conference, IPPNW affiliates and ICAN activists have been bringing a clear message to their governments – that NPT member states should call for work on a Nuclear Weapons Convention to begin as soon as the conference ends.

IPPNW activities at the NPT Review will include:

• A seminar and panel discussion on the environmental and health effects of nuclear war, featuring climate scientist O. B. Toon of the University of Colorado in Boulder. Other speakers will include nuclear famine expert Dr. Ira Helfand; Dr. James Yamazaki of PSR-Los Angeles, who was a member of one of the earliest teams that studied the effects of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki; and Steven Starr, a science and policy advisor to PSR. The panel will be chaired by Dr. Victor W. Sidel, a former IPPNW co-president and the federation’s UN representative.

• Side events on grassroots campaigning for a Nuclear Weapons Convention, sponsored by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

• A formal, three-hour session of presentations and recommendations to the NPT member states. IPPNW has co-authored a paper making the case for a Nuclear Weapons Convention as the essential, most appropriate, and most practical way to fulfill Article VI of the NPT.

• Public events in New York City including a march to the United Nations on Sunday, May 2 and a series of actions organized throughout the month by the Ban All Nukes generation (BANg).

For complete details about the NPT Review Conference, including the official agenda and a calendar of NGO events, visit Reaching Critical Will.

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  1. April 13, 2010 6:33 pm

    IPPNW is really helping to build the momentum for a Nuclear Weapons Convention! Keep up the great work. Let’s hope we see some real action from states at the NPT Review Conference on this front. We need to keep working hard to shift the debate to abolition, not just arms control and non-proliferation. An NWC is an idea whose time has come!

    ICAN Australia

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