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IPPNW Doctors Examine Roots of Nigerian Massacres

March 11, 2010

IPPNW colleagues at the Society of Nigerian Doctors for the Welfare of Mankind once again are dealing with the aftermath of horrific killings of their country men. The latest armed violence in the Central Plateau area near the city of Jos, Nigeria saw a reported hundreds of men, women, and children massacred and thousands fleeing from a machete-wielding rampage of Muslims against Christian villages. The Journal of Public Health Policy, which published a special section on armed violence in 2007 authored by a number of IPPNW leaders, has re-posted an IPPNW paper that examines the roots of Nigeria’s violence, Gun Violence in Nigeria: A Focus on Ethno-Religious Conflict in Kano by IPPNW Drs. Ime A John, Aminu Z Mohammed, Andrew D Pinto and Celestine A Nkanta. The JPHP paper  investigated gun violence in Nigeria and identified that there was a link between small arms injuries and communal riots between Christians and Muslims. For recent news on the Nigeria killings go to the BBC .

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