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Update from Oslo

December 9, 2009

CNN has published a piece by IPPNW board member Ira Helfand, urging President Obama to use his Nobel Address to reaffirm his commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons.

“The abolition of nuclear weapons is not an unrealistic fantasy,” Dr. Helfand writes. “It is a practical necessity if the American people are to have a secure future. President Obama should use his Nobel speech this week to reaffirm his commitment to this essential and obtainable goal.”

You can read the entire article here.

Dr. Helfand makes reference to a study entitled “Projected US casualties and destruction of US medical services from attacks by Russian nuclear forces.” The paper can be found here, on the IPPNW website.

Dr. Helfand is in Oslo this week, representing IPPNW and US affiliate Physicians for Social Responsibility at the Nobel ceremony.

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