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Peace March Part II

March 8, 2008

We have all been extremely busy finishing off the peace march and straight into the Student’s Congress on the 7th and 8th. Here is the rest of our March story!

March 4th, 2008 – Further talks with hospital staff/Opportunity Costs of Nukes/Indian Medical Association

After a restful, but short of a rest in Ludhiana, we made our way to Christian Medical College (CMC) for more peace talks to the medical students. Again, we informed the students of our purpose on this tour and what the various countries represented were trying to achieve in their respective countries. The floor was then open to some interactive communication, which opened up many great discussions.

The issue of justifying nuclear weapons as a good deterrent for neighboring countries was a prominent topic, leading to the India – Pakistan tension ‘issue’. We were asked about efficaciousness of our peace march – in terms of did we really think that, as students, were able to really contribute to making a difference for world peace?

Our responses to these questions were ardently met by facts about how dangerous nuclear weapons are to make and maintain, let alone the effects of one being detonated, the cost of nuclear weapons being able to abolish hunger in India, and views from German students who have been in Pakistan and insist that both Pakistanis and Indians are both warm hearted people who do want peace, but are simply afraid of each other. As for the efficaciousness of our mission – it was just inspirational to see delegates from 10 different countries across the world, united together in a common cause for the one purpose of achieving peace, starting with the abolition of nuclear weapons as this is the most singly destructive force known to human-kind. If we all take small steps toward the same goal, together we can reach our destination.

Topically, we then visited the statue of the three Indian freedom fighters, which fought peacefully for India’s freedom against Brittain in 1947.

We then made our way to Dayanand Medical College where we were, as always, greeted warmly. From here, we marched through the streets of Ludhiana joined with the students from both Christian and Dayanand Medical College, chanting “Aman Shanti” [“we want peace” in Hindi]. More sessions, similar to the one aforementioned occurred with Dayanand Medical Students, factory workers at a car motor company and students at Desh Bhagat, an Ayurvedic College and Hospital. One more stop at Ambala, greeted by the Indian Medical Association and then to Mollana University for a well welcomed night sleep!

March, 5th, 2008 – Mollana University/Arrival in Delhi/Mahatma Gandhi Shrine/Welcome by Secretary of Trade Unions

We talked to Mollana university medical students in the morning after a well rested night and then drove for a long time (after one and a half Hindi movies) to be welcomed by the Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) in Haryana. We continued our journey to Rajghat, where Mahatma Gandhi rests. Across the road, we had a welcoming ceremony by Ms Amargeet Kaur, the Secretary of All India Trade Union Congress.

The march’s end at the poignant Rajghat was symbolic and representative of the peaceful demonstration of our wish and longing for peace.

On to the IPPNW Medical Student Congress.

Yours in Peace,


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