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Evgeny Chazov: 1929-2021

November 16, 2021
Dr. Chazov at IPPNW’s 16th World Congress in Beijing with (from left) Hiroshima Mayor Taditoshi Akiba, Prof. Ian Maddocks, and Dr. Herman Spanjaard.

IPPNW’s founding co-president Dr. Evgeny Chazov died on 12 November in Moscow at the age of 92. News of his death, along with a profile of his life and scientific accomplishments, appeared in TASS, Russia’s largest news agency. Earlier this year, IPPNW lost our other founding co-president, Dr. Bernard Lown, who died on February 16 in Boston. 

Together, the two longtime friends and fellow cardiologists forged a partnership with other Soviet and American physicians to sound a global warning that the only medical response to a nuclear war is to prevent one from happening.  The launch of IPPNW in 1980 was a courageous experiment to set aside the bitter geo-political differences between their two countries, in order to speak with one voice about the necessary goal of abolishing nuclear weapons.  

Five short years later, Dr. Lown and Chazov would reunite in Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of IPPNW.  Dr. Chazov closed his acceptance speech about our collective obligation to:

…avert transformation of the Earth from a flourishing planet into a heap of smoking ruins. Our duty is to hand it over to our successors in a better state than it was inherited by us.  Therefore, it is not for fame, but for the happiness and for the future of all mothers and children that we – International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War – have worked, are working and will work.

Dr. Chazov’s vision, wisdom and courage will continue to guide our movement to eradicate nuclear weapons and ensure that humanity’s future is not cut short.

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