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Helfand holds Nobel Peace Laureates summit “spellbound”

December 14, 2014

IPPNW co-president Ira Helfand spoke about the medical and environmental consequences of nuclear war at the Nobel Peace Laureates Summit, held in Rome this weekend.

From EIN News:

“For the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) Ira Helfand held the hall spell-bound as he described the horrific consequences should a major nuclear exchange take place today. They include the vaporisation of everything in an immediate 3kms radius of the explosion in 1000th of a second, complete destruction within a 6kms radius, the burning of everything flammable within a 25kms radius and the consumption of all oxygen within a 50kms radius. In Rome 3 million would die instantly. In New York it would be 12 million. Temperatures would plunge for several days. The world ecosystem would be disrupted to the extent that food production would be severely curtailed.

Helfand said:

“The continued existence of these weapons alone is a threat, but human beings built them, so human beings can also take them apart. We can all work on this; let’s all help to do it.”

His presentation was met with a long ovation.”

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