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History made in the Knesset

June 18, 2013

By Ra’anan Friedmann, IPPNW Israel

Helfand at Knesset

IPPNW co-president Ira Helfand described the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons to members of the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem. (L-R: MP Tamar Zandberg, Dr. Helfand, MP Dov Hanin, Ra’anan Friedmann of IPPNW-Israel

A historical event took place today in Jerusalem—an official meeting of IPPNW and ICAN members with Israeli members of the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) at the Knesset in Jerusalem. The unprecedented meeting was organized by Sharon Dolev, ICAN’s campaigner in Israel and director of the Israeli Disarmament Movement.

Dr. Ira Helfand gave a thorough presentation on the effects and outcome of a limited nuclear war on the world climate and human population, followed by a discussion of the nuclear situation in Israel with the parliamentarians.

This is a breakthrough. For more than 50 years the subject of nuclear weapons and nuclear activity in Israel was a non-discursive issue, forbidden to talk about but in secret chambers. For the first time, this important subject was raised from the shadows and discussed openly in the Israeli parliament.

We are looking forward to more and larger open discussions that might eventually change the nuclear situation in the Middle East.

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