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Fukushima updates from Dr. Furitsu (March 18)

March 18, 2011

Date: March 17, 2011 9:45:11 PM EDT

Subject: [IPPNWFORUM] 30 fire engine has joined the DF

#The 30 fire engine have just arrived at the place (probably 20km from the plant) and joined the DF.

The cars are:

– rudder truck with folding radder of 22m

– large special (chemical?) fire engine which can spray water 5 ton/ min, even while driving

– fire engine which can pump water from 2km distance water source

– fire engine for special disaster which have equipments to clean up radioactive contamination

I do not know what actually they are, though.

I would say that they are really to do their best to avoid the worst case.

Of course, they will be measuring the radiation dose rate at the site and within the “exposure limit”….

I only hope that they could work with minimum exposure, as smaller as possible….



Date: March 17, 2011 8:09:35 PM EDT

[IPPNWFORUM] some information/ they are ready to go also today…..

# The defense force (DF) personnel who worked for injecting water into reactor No. 3 yesterday:

Dropping water from helicopters:

17 personel were involved in the operation worked around 90 m above the reactor

The exposure dose was officially reported: all of them are under 1mSv

They used a plate of tungsten (not lead, reporter revised the information) for shielding.

Injecting water from cars:

13 personel

The chief of the DF reported: exposure dose of personnel was up to 60 mSv (maximum)

[FOLLOWUP NOTE: I wrote the message above with my quick memo, though.
According to their report today, “all of the exposure dose of the DF personnel was several mSv.”
I am not sure whether or not my memo was only a mistake. I am sorry.]

#The company made comments on the effectiveness of the operation yesterday, on March 17:

There was not so much change of radiation dose rate by the operation of helicopters: changed from 3782 to 3752 micros Sv/h (somewhere inside the plant site).

However, they think a spout of steam from the building which can be seen just after dropping water might be an evidence that the operation could reduce the temperature at the fuel pond to some extent. (I also want to believe so……..)

As for the injection of water from cars on ground 50m from the reactor building:

The radiation level at the gate of the plant site:

3:30 pm (before the operation): 309 micro Sv/h

11:00 pm(after the operation): 289 micro Sv/h

#The data radiation level measured by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on March 17:

Max: 170 mico Sv/h (14:00, 30 km northwest from the plant)

They measured at 28 places in 20-60 km zone, 9:20-15:00 : 18.3-1.1 micro Sv/h

The data depends on the direction of the wind.

#Today (March 18), the DF is ready to work for the same operation both from sky and ground.

In addition to the DF, a fire brigade with special type of cars (usually used for a fire of airplane) from Tokyo has already headed to Fukushima at the midnight. They will also join the operation.

Four helicopter will work.

More cars of DF will work.

#More sad stories are reported:

More than 20 patients (old people) passed away who were left in a hospital in the 20 km zone or on the way of evacuation from the 20 zone.

I cannot write all of these stories now, but they must be recorded.


We should not / cannot estimate the number of people who might be exposed to more radiation in the case of larger amount of radioactive materials from the nuclear fuel, though. I would say, at least “hundreds of thousands” people…..


We, who know the danger of radiation, are thinking about those personnel, fire fighter and workers of the company & associate companies and their families. I believe the government and the company also know that the task is really dangerous because of the high level of radiation. However, we also know: without their work, at least several hundreds of thousands people including children, pregnant women…… might be exposed to more radiation……

It is really sad and complicated situation………..


  1. Daniel Uselmann permalink
    March 18, 2011 2:14 pm

    Dearest Dr Furitsu,

    Much gratitude for your updates. May the Buddhas and the Gods protect you, the workers at the site and the people of Japan in this time of dire crisis. I bow my head in prayer and mindful meditation for all of your safety and well being and that this suffering will cease soon. When there is time, please help get out the stories of those who are there.

    Yours in Deepest Respect and Gassho,

    Daniel Uselmann
    California, USA

  2. March 18, 2011 11:44 am

    Thanks for sharing this precise information and greetings to Dr. Katsumi Furitsu for his invaluable contributions.

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