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IPPNW Presents 13 Papers on Violence Prevention

April 22, 2008

IPPNW members from 6 countries presented 13 papers and posters on violence prevention and public health at this year’s 9th World Conference on Violence Prevention and Safety Promotion otherwise known as Safety 2008 held in March in Merida, Mexico. Attendees from the United States (including Puerto Rico), El Salvador, Nicaragua, Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia also participated in meetings organized by regional departments of the World Health Organization (WHO), the WHO Violence Prevention Alliance of which IPPNW is a member, and the International Society for Violence and Injury Prevention. We spread our message thatGuns are Bad for Health,” continued our discussions with the Small Arms Survey regarding future projects (they recently helped fund our African armed violence research project.), and released a Press Release in which IPPNW co-president Dr. Ime John called for more international donor investment in violence prevention. Seven IPPNW delegates received full scholarships from Safety 2008 to attend.

A special section of Medicine, Conflict and Survival edited by Medact’s Dr. Jack Piachaud will be developed based on several of the IPPNW papers presented at Safety 2008.

These conferences are excellent venues for networking and making important contacts for future work. Please keep our AfP network informed about other important conferences such as this where we can possibly present and advocate on our issues. [Support this Work]

IPPNW Delegates to Safety 2008

IPPNW delegates to Safety 2008 in Merida Mexico with Jennifer Hazen from Small Arms Survey (third from right)

Discussing projects and posters at Safety 2008

Discussing projects and posters at Safety 2008

Dr. David Meddings from WHO reviews IPPNW poster

Dr. David Meddings from WHO reviews IPPNW poster on African research project at Safety 2008

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