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ICAN to UNGA: “Stop talking and start acting”

October 1, 2015

Statement to the UN commemoration of the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

30 September 2015, New York

The following statement was delivered at the UN General Assembly by Ray Acheson of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom on behalf of the  International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

ICANCSFBannerLast month marked the 70th anniversary of the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The  hibakusha, the survivors of these bombings, demand nuclear abolition. So do the victims and survivors of the 2000 nuclear tests around the world, who have had their lives changed forever and over generations. This call is supported by the majority of the world’s governments and peoples. Read more…

Can we have a world free of cluster bombs? We are on our way.

September 28, 2015

By Dr. Bob Mtonga, IPPNW Zambia

Close to 100 countries, closely accosted by over 100 civil society campaigners mainly under the umbrella of the Cluster Munitions Coalition (CMC),  converged on Dubrovnik, Croatia  from 7-11 September 2015 on the occasion of the First Review(1RC) of the Convention on Cluster Munitions(CCM). The convention entered into force five years ago.CMC FB group picture

In its short yet robust life, the CCM has been a heralded success,  with over 70% of cluster munitions held in the world’s stockpiles having been destroyed. Clearance of contaminated lands in affected countries and regions is also going on steadily.  These achievements have been tempered with some sobering new statistics. Read more…

Images from the nuclear weapons “heartland”

September 23, 2015

Guest commentary

by Greg Mello

We cannot easily convey the reality of life and culture in the US nuclear weapons “heartland” but perhaps these images will help.  They cannot replace reasoned discourse, or first-hand experience, but they may help supplement them.

It is important for activists, parliamentarians, and diplomats to realize that the US will NEVER negotiate a comprehensive treaty eliminating nuclear weapons, aka a nuclear weapons convention.  It is possible that people who have no first-hand personal experience in the nuclear weapons complex, or in the executive or Congress, imagine that the US is more open to disarmament than it is.  US diplomats lie continuously and well.   Read more…

Australia spills some water

September 16, 2015

AustraliaBullseyeWhen you carry someone else’s water, you have to expect that some of it might spill.

Tim Wright of ICAN Australia has obtained a revealing new set of documents from the Australian government as the result of a Freedom of Information request. Read more…

The nuclear weapons era ends: Not with a bang but with songs!

September 14, 2015

NukeAbbaThe happy year 2045.

Finally it happened: One month ago, on Aug 6 2045, the century of slavery under the nuclear threat ended.

For thirty years the nuclear arms race between China and the USA had been going on. The Chinese brandished new nuclear missiles at the First of May parades, year in and year out. Thousands and thousands of missiles. So the USA had to keep up. Read more…

No Rest for Weary Arms Control Campaigners

September 8, 2015

Campaigners have recently dragged their suitcases from Cancun to Croatia to raise their voices against weapons of war and the suffering they inflict on humans and the environment around the world.

The First Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) #CSP2015 no sooner ended in late August in Cancun, Mexico when the First Review Conference to the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) began yesterday in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  IPPNW leaders have been active in both efforts for many years. Read more…

Can nuclear war be avoided?

September 4, 2015
Robert McNamara

Robert McNamara, former US Secretary of Defense and member of the Canberra Commission

The members of the Canberra Commission included former leading politicians and military officers, among others a British field marshal, an American general, an American Secretary of Defense, and a French Prime Minister. The Commission unanimously agreed in their 1996 report that the proposition that nuclear weapons can be retained in perpetuity and never used — accidentally or by decision — defies credibility. The only complete defence, they concurred, is the elimination of nuclear weapons and assurance that they will never be produced again.

This is no less true today. Nuclear weapons will be used if they are allowed to remain with us. And even a “small” nuclear war, using one per cent or less of the world’s nuclear weapons, might cause a world wide famine causing the death of as many as two billion humans.  Read more…


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