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Citizens of the world are against war and nuclear weapons

March 17, 2022

[The following statement about the war in Ukraine has been co-signed by 12 Nobel Peace Laureates, including IPPNW.]

As Nobel Peace Prize Laureates we reject war and nuclear weapons. We call on all our fellow citizens of the world to join us in protecting our planet, home for all of us, from those who threaten to destroy it.

The invasion of Ukraine has created a humanitarian disaster for its people. The entire world is facing the greatest threat in history: a large-scale nuclear war, capable of destroying our civilization and causing vast ecological damage across the Earth.

We call for an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of all Russian military forces from Ukraine, and for all possible efforts at dialogue to prevent this ultimate disaster.

We call on Russia and NATO to explicitly renounce any use of nuclear weapons in this conflict, and we call on all countries to support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons to ensure that we never again face a similar moment of nuclear danger.

The time to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons is now. It is the only way to guarantee that the inhabitants of the planet will be safe from this existential threat. It is either the end of nuclear weapons, or the end of us. We reject governance through imposition and threats, and we advocate for dialogue, coexistence and justice. A world without nuclear weapons is necessary and possible, and together we will build it. It is urgent that we give peace a chance.

American Friends Service Committee (1947)

His Holiness The Dalai Lama (1989)

Leymah Gbowee (2011)

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (2017)

International Peace Bureau (1910)

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (1985)

Tawakkul Karman (2011)

Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs (1995)

Kailash Satyarthi (2014)

Lech Walesa (1983)

Jody Williams (1997)

Muhammad Yunus (2006)

  1. Armande Duval permalink
    March 30, 2022 11:29 am

    Ces trois commentaires rejoignent totalement ma vision de ce qui se vit en ce moment. Alors, quels moyens avons-nous pour obliger les gouvernants de cette planète d’arrêter de tergiverser et d’agir au plus vite?

  2. Mberu permalink
    March 23, 2022 6:13 am

    You are right, UN is impotent because it is a dictatorship in disguise. The ‘laws’ should provide for equal voting rights for all countries. One vote one country with equal power. In respect to the nuclear weapons, it should be a right for all countries to posses them or no any country should have the weapons. If the latter, those with these type of weapons must destroy them and a verification done. The same should be applied when it comes to climate change. As it were, it is either a slow climatic or a quick nuclear catastrophe. The ‘laws’ must apply equally for ‘big’ and ‘small’ or ‘poor’ and ‘rich’ countries.

  3. David jones permalink
    March 22, 2022 2:42 pm

    As a physician, I wholeheartedly agree with the general position of the, particularly that we must move away from nuclear weapons. But how? Jim Muller’s statement quoted from sky news:””The world needs to depend on law [instead]… or we’ll have continued events like this where an individual has the opportunity to destroy civilisation,”” is, IMO, wishful thinking.

    How on earth do we propose to use “law” against a despot who is clearly prepared to disregard every law in the book? And one who would never give up his WMD despite multiple attempts at de-arming.

    It’s all very well and good to take the position we do, but something a little more tangible than to “use law” (which, in this and other examples such as Aleppo), is demonstrably no more help than arming Ukrainian soldiers with toy guns.

    The UN is impotent, NATO is powerless to act unless article 5 is invoked, the laws of war have been blatently broken by a now documented war criminal in Putin, thus I’d be really interested to know which current, or proposed law(s) Jim would legislate to distance us from nuclear war?

  4. Mberu permalink
    March 18, 2022 3:44 am

    Though very welcome, this is coming rather late. The entire world architecture is fundamentally wrong. Starting with the UN system that is a dictatorship (veto power), established when majority of countries were colonial outposts. In retrospect, other countries have been invaded, occupied and their leaders ‘dictators’ killed and buried in unmarked graves. The international condemnation has been muted at best. No suctions! but contracts to ‘rebuilt’. The west manufactures and delivers arms to be used elsewhere with impunity, has the monopoly of nuclear weapons and the ‘dictatorship’ on which country can or cannot posses nuclear weapons. These double standards most be sorted out to reverse the autopilot towards self destruction. It is ‘the hunter becoming the hunted’ scenario. Lets endeavor to address the root causes and not the symptoms.


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